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An average of 1,000 California and 150 Colorado residents turn 65 every day! That is a lot of new selling opportunities each year.

Let Warner Pacific support your Medicare sales efforts!  The clock is ticking. Get on board now!


AEP Ends December 7!





Register with Warner Pacific through our Online Contracting Platform.

Warner Pacific uses SuranceBay, a licensing and contracting automation system.  

Rather then you manually filling out each insurance company’s contracting paperwork, SuranceBay automates this process. 

You setup your profile in SuranceBay one time, and that profile carries over to each requested carrier contract.
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Aetna, Cigna, Ameritas, Mutual of Omaha, SilverScript, Transamerica, UnitedHealthcare

California carriers

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Colorado carriers

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Get discounted AHIP certification through Aetna


Aetna, Aetna Coventry, Humana, SilverScript, UnitedHealthcare Our MAPD and Part D partners require AHIP certification. The fee is $125 if linked through the Aetna portal.

A score of 90% is required, so read the study material carefully! In addition to AHIP you will need to complete carrier-specific training.

Discounted AHIP Certification Through Aetna

The top 5 reasons you should be selling Medicare with Warner Pacific


We know you’re always looking for that next great sales opportunity. 

With thousands of Americans turning 65 daily, look no further than Medicare. Here are the top 5 reasons you should be selling Medicare with Warner Pacific.


Medicare Training Center


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